Remember the time Vince McMahon died tragically in a limousine explosion on WWE's Monday Night Raw back in 2007? Uh, no, because it didn't actually happen. It was all part of an elaborate troll job/pro wrestling storyline perpetuated by McMahon and the WWE. But amazingly, some people, including the guy in charge of running our country for the next four years, fell for it and somehow thought it was real.

If you don't remember the stunt, here's what happened: In 2007, McMahon "blew up" in a limousine as part of a scripted plot that was eventually nixed after WWE wrestler Chris Benoit killed himself and his family in real life. Wrestling fans understood that McMahon dying in the limo explosion didn't actually happen, but the WWE wrote about it on as if it did happen, which caused some confusion.

On Tuesday morning, Deadspin unearthed an old Opie and Anthony radio interview that Triple H did in 2008 that featured him talking about the number of people who called the WWE concerned about whether or not McMahon did indeed blow himself up in the limo. And during that interview, Triple H mentioned that Donald Trump was one of the people who called with questions about the storyline. "What kills me is so many people called," Triple H explained. "The next day Trump calls and was like, 'Did something happen to Vince?'"

To be fair, Trump wasn't the only one who fell for the storyline and thought it might be real. In fact, it was apparently so believable that it led to WWE stock prices briefly falling thanks to gullible people who didn't realize pro wrestling is fake and weren't the least bit suspicious about why there might be a camera pointed at a random limo in the first place.

You can watch the explosion here for yourself:

The explosion did occur pretty quickly after McMahon closed the door, so we could maybe (maybe!) see how some people outside of the business would get confused. But someone as "smart" as Trump couldn't see that this was staged?