President-elect Donald Trump showed up to the 117th annual Army-Navy football game on Saturday.

Since he's the incumbent Commander-In-Chief of the U.S. Armed Forces, and the cadets always love it when the Commander-In-Chief attends this game, Trump probably figured that today would be an ample opportunity to check out the contest between the Black Knights (7-5) and the No. 25-ranked Midshipmen (7-4). Plus, he prefers to not have his political work schedule coincide with his favorite sport, so he likely cleared his afternoon to be there for awhile.

But Trump wasn't pleased with the game very much. When Trump got into the CBS booth, soon-to-be-retired commentator Verne Lundquist asked him why he attended the game.

In the clip above, Trump responded with his patriotism and support of the Armed Forces, "I just love the Armed Forces, love the folks. They're spirit is so incredible."

But would later add some shade for the quality of play during the game. "I mean, I don't if it's necessarily the best football. But it's very good — boy, do they have the spirit."

Well, he's calling it like he sees it, and he didn't have to fact-check this before quipping about the game. The game was actually boring to watch being that it was awash with many turnovers from both teams. They both totaled five turnovers in the first half and a sixth happened while he was at the game. Army ended up beating Navy 21-17, and they end their 14-year losing streak against the Midshipmen.

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