It's good to know that your dad has always got your back. But if you're Los Angeles Clippers star Austin Rivers, that support may cost your team its coach.

In the second quarter of the Clippers' game against the Houston Rockets on Friday night, Austin decided to tell an official that he thought he had been fouled on the previous play. Unluckily for Rivers, he decided to demonstrate his feelings by touching the ref on the chest—a move that led to an automatic ejection. 

Rivers' coach—and father—Doc Rivers quickly jumped into the action, angrily defending his progeny. He racked up two technical fouls in the process, and got tossed from the game himself. You can see the whole process in the video above, via ESPN. One of the refs broke it down for reporters after the game:

After it all went down, a third family member—Austin's sister/Doc's daughter Callie Rivers—took to Twitter to further defend her family's honor.

The Clippers were already down by 22 before this mess started, and the multiple ejections didn't help—the Rockets ended up winning, 140-116.