Here's a mini wide receiver on wide receiver beef to help close out your 2016.

Thursday, on Skip Bayless's Fox Sports show, Cris Carter came on and shared some pretty tough words about Dez Bryant, calling him out for not catching more balls thrown his way. "There’s only 57 players targeted 90 times this season," Carter said. "Dez is the absolute worst — targeted over 90 times, only caught 52 percent of those passes."

Eventually the ex-Eagle/Viking pivoted to some advice for Dez, specifically:

A.) Stay out of Carter's DMs


B.) Catch the ball.

"If you got some advice for him, tell him don’t DM me anymore," Carter told the roundtable of forced debate. "Because I got something for him. You gonna DM me after a game telling me watch the tape? That’s all I do is watch tape. He tried to (DM me) talking about his family and everything, no problem. You want to take care of your family? When they target you 90 times, catch more balls. That’s your job."

As Bryant has demonstrated in the past, he does watch the show, or at least has somebody give him a heads-up whenever then hell he's mentioned. Because of that, it's not surprising that Carter's criticism led him to send out this tweet calling Carter a "puppet":

Dez Bryant calls Cris Carter a puppet after Carter's criticism of him.
Image via Twitter

While it wasn't quite a bad enough transgression to need a fall guy for, 11 minutes later Bryant thought better of the whole thing, deleted that tweet, and then sent out this apology instead:

This is not the first time that Carter has called out Bryant from his Fox Sports gig, as last month he claimed the Cowboy WR had a "low football IQ" who "doesn’t know enough of the offense for them to move him in different spots." If being called a "puppet" for sharing DM info is the worst that happens, well, consider it a victory on Carter's behalf.