Who are the Cowboys going to start at quarterback on Sunday when they take on the Eagles?

Dallas has already clinched the top seed in the playoffs, so they might give Dak Prescott a rest and let Tony Romo take some snaps just in case they need him to play in the postseason. They could also bypass Romo and avoid a QB controversy by starting Mark Sanchez for the first time this season. Or—and this is really wild, but again, they don’t have to win on Sunday—they could let Dez Bryant line up under center and throw some passes. After all, he did throw for a touchdown against the Lions on Monday night:

OK, OK, so they’re probably not going to give the keys to the Cowboys’ offense to Dez. But according to a Dallas Morning News report, the wide receiver isn’t opposed to throwing more passes for the Cowboys in the future, and he reportedly tried to crash a Cowboys’ quarterback meeting this week to drive that point home. He even apparently spoke with Dallas offensive coordinator Scott Linehan about getting some more passing plays drawn up for him.

If we were Dez, we would probably quit while we were ahead. His pass on Monday was the first pass of his NFL career and it went for a touchdown. So does he really want to tarnish his 100 percent completion percentage for the sake of a fluky trick play?


Er, it’s Dez, so of course he wants to try to throw it again. But giving the ball to Sanchez in Week 17 is probably for the best. The Cowboys are paying the guy $2 million this season to stand on the sideline, so playing one meaningless game for the team is really the least he could do.

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