Wrestling legend Sting retired earlier this year from the sport that made him famous. The WWE Hall of Famer now has a lot of free time on his hands, so he sought a second act for his career—one in which he still can use his skill of striking fear into opponents with the help of his trusty bat (and his scary makeup). There aren't too many gigs in today's job market that contain that in their list of daily duties, but the Dallas Cowboys seem to have the perfect opportunity for him as an Intimidation Coach.

In the funny video clip above, you'll see Sting walk into his new gig at Dallas Cowboys' corporate headquarters (a/k/a The Star), and adjust to working within an office culture. He discusses how he applied for the open role, how he can bring much bring to the table, and shows how he can teach the Cowboys players and staff members how to look more menacing than ever before.

You see Sting face the usual office problems everyone has with the copying machine while attempting to collate his "Intimidation Guide"; being miffed about the lack of French Vanilla to put in the coffee maker; and advising the Cowboys on their face paint jobs.

It seems that the Cowboys are in good hands going into the NFL playoffs with Sting onboard.