Colin Kaepernick’s future with the San Francisco 49ers has been up in the air since before the season started. Many believed after his time on the bench that he would never see the field in the Bay Area again.

Despite a rough start today, you should still never say never.

The polarizing quarterback passed for just four yards in his time on the field against the Chicago Bears. Chip Kelly went to Blaine Gabbert in the fourth quarter after Kap completed only one of his five attempts.

Before his struggles today, sources told that they would not be surprised if Kaepernick starts for the Niners in 2017. The possibility of San Francisco keeping the quarterback can’t be ruled out at the moment.

When the 29-year-old signed his revised contract that deleted the final four years of his extension and drastically cut his guaranteed money, he gained the ability to opt out after this season.

All of this maneuvering will allow Kaepernick to test the market and sign a more beneficial contract. He could also still end up within the Bay.​ The moving parts come down to his play and how the relationship between the quarterback and his team has evolved over the year.​

Kaep was enjoying a great year on the field after a rough start. His relationship with management has come a long way since he began his protests began earlier this year. The 49ers stood by him when he took his stand, and that matters to him.

In trying to find the best QB for the job in San Francisco, Kaepernick has stated his case over the last four games despite today's dud. He was 86 of 145 for 1,110 yards while tossing eight touchdowns and two interceptions going into today.

Last week when he threw for 296 yards in a loss to Miami, he looked like the old Kaep. He threw for three touchdowns and one interception while rushing for 113 yards. Kaepernick needs to get back to looking like that, then he will find a deal that he feels better about.

The Niners will feel better because they might have an answer again under center.

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