Six dollars. Six dollars can buy you a specialty cup of coffee, but it's also all you need to support the long-suffering Cleveland Browns franchise on Christmas Eve when they host the San Diego Chargers at FirstEnergy Stadium.

According to Stubhub, a number of tickets for the Browns' final home game of the 2016 campaign are starting at $6. While the $6 price tag will only get you a seat in the upper level of the stadium, how could you pass up an opportunity at being a part of #GPODAWUND history? With a loss, Cleveland could improve (?) to 0-15, and get one step closer to becoming the second team in NFL history to finish the 16-game season without a single win, joining the 2008 Detroit LionsIt's the type of hopefully once-in-a-lifetime experience any Browns fan can commiserate over with fellow members of their embarrassed fanbase when attending the "Browns Perfect Season Parade (0-16)" on January 7. 

With just four games remaining this year, the Browns' best chance at getting their first victory, and avoiding a winless season, could be next Sunday when they face the 3-7-1 Cincinnati Bengals at home. Given the emergence of Terrelle Pryor at wide receiver, and the return of Robert Griffin III under center for the time since their season opener, things could finally be looking up for Cleveland. Of course, this is the Browns organization we're talking about, and just when you think everything is going right, it can take a sharp turn left out of nowhere. So, just hold on tight and try to enjoy the ride.  

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