On Thursday night Charles Barkley had some brief, but not very flattering, things to say about the current state of the NBA. And though this is nothing new for him, and everything he mentions is completely subjective, frankly some of this stuff he actually has a point on.

Rattling off his list of grievances to the cameras, Barkley said "If you look around the NBA, everybody's trying to go small. We got a bunch of guys shooting threes who are not good shooters. Now we're trying to relegate the big men out (of) the game. But if you look at the big picture--and this ain't no old guy hating on the young guys--the NBA is the worst it's ever been top to bottom. We got one or two, three or four good teams, and the rest of these teams stink."

That's as much as he could fit within the 25 or so seconds before his rant was cut off by Kevin Garnett, who jokingly busted his balls over the fact that the show is only half an hour long. Going small, jacking up threes, and league parity--or the lack thereof--can all be sources of contention/debate for many fans of the NBA.

For example, here's an in-house discourse between those who prefer '90s hoops to the modern version, and vice versa. A 25-second speech isn't going to change anyone's minds, but, if you want, feel free to tell us if Barkley's right, wrong, or just an old guy hating on the young guys, below.