The Clippers played the Pelicans on Wednesday night and, despite a team-high 22 points from Austin Rivers, they lost. *shrugs* These things happen. But regardless of how well Rivers played during the contest, there was one courtside heckler who was unimpressed with his offensive output and went in on the Clippers guard for all to see.

The heckler managed to get Rivers' attention at one point during the game before he proceeded to badger him about only getting playing time because his dad Doc Rivers is the head coach of the Clippers. Is this a particularly new way of heckling Rivers? Hell no. We would imagine Rivers hears stuff like this all the time. But it didn't stop the heckler from taking this approach anyway and then posting a video of him doing it on social media:

Rivers didn't say anything in the moment, but he did call the kid out after the game by leaving an Instagram comment on the video, which ended up on @houseofhighlights. In doing so, Rivers let the world know that:

A) He's been hearing this kind of stuff since he was crossing over opponents in elementary school.

B) The same heckler asked him for an autograph following the final buzzer.

"Been hearing hating ass comments like these since I was in grade school," Rivers wrote. "Never phased me never will, I'm living out all my dreams! that same kid asked for a pic and an autograph after the game too smh."

No word on whether Rivers actually fulfilled his request or not, but c'mon, kid, really?! Bring some better material next time or STFU.

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