Arian Foster—who retired from the NFL back in October after spending eight seasons in the league—and his brother Abdul were nearly involved in a fight with a group of college students in Houston over the weekend. An argument reportedly broke out between the Foster brothers and the college students at about 3 a.m. on Sunday after Arian insulted one of the student’s sneakers and referred to them as "awful."

According to witnesses who spoke with TMZ Sports, Arian, Abdul, and their father Carl were standing outside of a hot dog stand in Houston when Arian took a shot at one of the student’s sneakers. As you can see in the clip above, that led to a tense standoff between the two sides, and it apparently escalated after one of the students yelled, "You’re not even relevant anymore, n*gga," at Arian. Abdul responded by trying to force the students to apologize to Arian, but they refused to do so. And that nearly led to a physical altercation between Abdul and one of the students before Arian and Carl stepped in and pulled him away. During the melee, one of the students reportedly threw a hot dog at one of the men, but it’s unclear whether or not it connected.

Arian did not respond to requests from TMZ Sports for comment, and he has not used any of his social media accounts to speak out on the incident yet. It’s a good thing that cooler heads eventually prevailed and that this didn’t turn into a much bigger deal than it was.