Antonio Brown had an interesting interaction with the media on Friday to say the least. The Steelers All-Pro wideout was apparently adamant about how he has changed his first name to "Ronald," and repeatedly told reporters who questioned him that is the only name that he will answer to going forward.

There has been no legal documentation regarding Brown's purported first name change at press time, but we can just chalk this up as his No, My Name Is Jeffery moment (except, Young Thug's actual birth name is Jeffery Williams, whereas Antonio Brown's government name is, err, Antonio Brown).

Anyway, you can see the reporters question Brown in the clip above. You can also read the list of questions in sequential order in the tweet below of the video conference questions and answers that had many people there scratching their heads about AB supposedly changing his initials to "RB." Brown even spoke about himself as "Ronald" in the third person.

When asked the questions in the press conference about what cleats he plans to wear for Sunday's game against the Giants, you can see what "Ronald" plans to don for the NFL's charity week here.

Brown also posted a selfie on his Snapchat with a filter that reads his new name.

Antonio Brown on Snapchat
Image via Snapchat/Antonio Brown

There is a theory that speculates why Brown could be using the name Ronald. According to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Brown may possibly be commemorating the memory of  Jim Delligatti, a McDonald's franchisee and creator of the fast food restaurant's Big Mac sandwich, who died on Nov. 28 at age 98. Delligatti was a native of Uniontown, PA, which is approximately 46 miles southeast of Pittsburgh. Brown may possibly be paying homage to Delligatti and the Golden Arch's mascot ubiquitous Ronald McDonald who made kids "believe in magic" for decades. If that's not the secret, then let's just stop guessing altogether because it's just too much work to debunk or verify.

Another person who knows a thing or two about name changes, Chad Ochocinco, tweeted his best wishes to "Ronald" for Sunday's game.

We're waiting on what Metta World Peace has to say about all this.

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