It was the worst kept secret in hockey. The new NHL franchise was going to have "knights" in their name, but we weren't entirely sure just how. Since being formally announced as the next home of NHL hockey, Las Vegas fans eagerly anticipated last night's grand unveiling. A packed crowd of onlookers flooded the streets of Sin City, as owner Bill Foley, announced the team's name to a burst of gold confetti. After moments of teasing, and months of guessing, the team was finally dubbed, the Vegas Golden Knights. The reveal was followed by both primary and secondary logos, which will be seen adorning the team's hockey sweaters.

There was supposed to be a video chronicling the decision-making process, but that was scrapped due to technical difficulties. Hopefully the team's twitter account will make up for that loss. If nothing else, it was fun to see the "Vegas Hockey Placeholder" graphics making an awkward appearance on the giant screen behind the excited (and confused) team owners.

Other teams welcomed the Golden Knights to the NHL, and new equipment sponsor, Adidas, also joined in on the action. It was a friendly affair, something that won't translate to on-ice action. Vegas will begin play next season, after undergoing the expansion draft, which will help fill out the team's roster. And if projected expansion rosters are any indication, the new squad won't be too golden when they take the ice. Regardless, it's exciting to have 31 NHL teams, and we'll be sure to keep an eye on the Knights and their new home at T-Mobile Arena.