Whether you're a city slicker or a suburbanite, we've all seen squirrels prance along looking for acorns on trees they climb and in grassy knolls. There's no telling how this rodent found his way into Lambeau Field during the Colts-Packers game. Either security was sleeping on their job at the stadium gates, they just couldn't catch the squirrel, or they were too scared to grab it because squirrels have sharp ass teeth that can bite the hell out of you with the quickness.

With just over two-and-a-half minutes left in the third quarter, the Colts led the Packers 24-10. That's when the squirrel ran into the Colts' end zone and the referees immediately stopped play to catch the little one.

Let's check this in slo-mo to see how gracefully this thing runs like a running back into the end zone, but without a football in hand, of course.

The grounds crew tried to catch the squirrel and they were successful enough to resume play in the game. Twitter went nuts (no pun intended) at the lack of "squirrel security" at the stadium, and gave their hilarious opinions about the disruption of the game.

Animals can be really cute and funny or annoying as hell if they find their way onto the field during football games.

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