Former NBA player Steve Francis was arrested on Saturday night after getting pulled over when his black 2017 Chevy Tahoe was spotted doing 88 in a 65 mph zone. TMZ Sports is reporting that Francis not only smelled of alcohol, but he was "verbally abusive" to the officer who approached his vehicle. Three additional deputies were eventually called to the scene when the three-time NBA All-Star refused to take a field sobriety test, and continued to be uncooperative. 

Francis also "made comments essentially warning the officers that he would get revenge for the arrest," per TMZ Sports. However, the 39-year-old was taken into custody without an incident, and has reportedly been released on a $5,500 bond. 

Francis was charged with a DWI, possession of marijuana, and retaliation. He is scheduled to be arraigned on Wednesday. This is the second time Francis has faced a driving while intoxicated charge. Back in 2001, Stevie Franchise was arrested after his vehicle was stopped at around 5 a.m. when he ran through a red light. 

Since his professional basketball career came to an end in 2010 following a brief stint with the Beijing Ducks of the Chinese Basketball Association, Francis has been mired in a number of strange and troubling stories, including an intense champagne-showering in the club while listening to "Drunk in Love" and getting his chain snatched while on stage at a Sauce Twinz concert. Hopefully, Stevie Franchise can get the help he needs. 

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