Baylor quarterback Seth Russell started trending on Twitter at around 2:30 p.m. on Saturday, and if you haven’t seen why yet, we should warn you: It’s not for the squeamish. The senior quarterback sustained a leg injury during the second half of Baylor’s game against Oklahoma, and an ESPN replay showed that the injury was extremely gruesome. Again, we want to warn you that it’s incredibly difficult to watch, but this is the play that likely ended Russell’s college football career:

Russell was obviously down for a few minutes after breaking his leg, and eventually, an injury cart had to be called out to take him off the field. But before he left, many Oklahoma players paid their respects to him:

Baylor thanked the Sooners players for responding the way they did:

And at the moment, everyone is sending their best wishes to Russell:

We send ours as well. Early reports indicate Russell sustained a dislocated ankle:

Russell is the same player who was forced to miss the end of Baylor’s season last year after sustaining a broken neck. Let’s hope this latest injury is somehow not quite as bad as it looked.