Who would've thought the most costly drop of Odell Beckham Jr.'s young career so far would happen at a strip club in The Bronx? According to TMZ, Beckham Jr. was hanging out with friends, including Denver Broncos linebacker Von Miller, at the Sin City Cabaret when his diamond pinky ring flew off while dancing. Yes, you read that right: while dancing

Beckham Jr. probably went a little too hard on the yah when the ring, which is worth an estimated $25,000, per New York Post, came flying off his finger. 

TMZ is reporting that staffers at the Sin City Cabaret went on their hands and knees and used flashlights to find the New York Giants star wide receiver's jewelry, but were ultimately unsuccessful. OBJ went as far as to offer a cash reward to anyone who could return his pinky ring, however no one came forward. Odell ended up leaving without his ring, and was reportedly "bummed out" over his loss. When asked about the strip club incident at the Giants' practice facility, Beckham Jr. simply replied, “I don’t know anything about that.”  

One can't help but wonder if the quote he posted on his Instagram account is secretly about his lost pinky ring. 

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