With their 30-20 victory over the Denver Broncos on Sunday night, the Oakland Raiders have put their franchise back on the map, and more importantly, given Marquette Kingone of the best punters in the NFLa bigger spotlight. Last night, we got a glimpse of King's unique personality when he broke out a dance move on not one...

But two separate occasions. 

In a piece written for The Players' Tribune, King gave us his story growing up, and told of his journey to the NFL. While attending Fort Valley State, the Macon, Georgia native dedicated himself to his craft, even if it meant practicing punts while his friends went out to the club. Once his friends were done listening to "some Future mixtapes on the little laptop speakers for about an hour," and pre–gaming, Marquette would pack three footballs into a duffel bag and go to the field he needed to break into just to be able to use. 

"My friends would see me from their cars on their way back to campus," King wrote. "I know a lot of them wanted to pull over and say something to me, thinking that it was kind of strange for me to be out on the field punting all night. All I can say is that those people probably don’t know what it feels like to rip a ball 60 yards into the night sky with only the sounds of Travis Porter bumping in your ears. For me, it was the best feeling." 

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