LeBron James Chose Not to Meet With The Undertaker Before Cavaliers' Championship Ring Ceremony

LeBron James didn't want to meet with The Undertaker prior to the Cavaliers' championship ring ceremony in late October.

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UPDATED, 11/11/16, 10:15 a.m.:

According to Cleveland.com report, LeBron James snubbed The Undertaker after he showed up at Quicken Loans Arena prior to the Cavaliers' championship ring ceremony in late October. The report said LeBron refused to meet with the WWE superstar because he felt as though The Undertaker and the WWE were going to try and capitalize off a meeting with him by filming it. However, a WWE source has revealed that was not the case.

According to the source, the Cavaliers reached out to the WWE to arrange for The Undertaker to attend the first game of the season and paid for him to travel to Cleveland to be in the building that night. The source says the team also told the WWE they wanted The Undertaker to meet with LeBron. It doesn't sound like that happened for whatever reason, but it's worth noting that The Undertaker did meet with other Cavaliers players, including Kevin Love.

See original story below.

When The Undertaker surprised everyone by showing up for the Cavaliers' Ring Night at Quicken Loans Arena last month, Cavs fans and the most of the team was awestruck by the WWE legend's presence. But the Cavs' leader and biggest Undertaker fan by default, LeBron James, mysteriously didn't get to meet him, nor ultimately want to. 

According to a Q&A with NBA insider Joe Vardon on Cleveland.com earlier this week, he answered this question on behalf of James as to why the two legends didn't meet at all.

Vardon explained that James didn't get the memo about the Deadman presence in the building.

Here's Vardon's explanation below. 

For a quick review, The Undertaker was stationed outside the locker room at The Q for an uncomfortable hour (give or take) on opening night, apparently to meet James (with cameras and cell phones rolling for the fine folks at WWE to capture the moment and spread the footage around the globe). The reason, besides the huge publicity it would generate for the WWE, was James wore a T-shirt from Homage with The Undertaker's likeness on the front on practice day prior to Game 5 of the Finals.

If you want to meet a megastar, sometimes you can't just show up, even if your a legend in your own right. Make sure you're people and their people work out a date and time first. 

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