A female University of Kansas cheerleader and three male Kansas spirit squad members were suspended by the school this week as part of ongoing investigation into a photo that surfaced on the female cheerleader's Snapchat account. The photo featured the male spirit squad members, who were wearing sweaters with the letter K on the front of them, standing next to one another and included the caption "Kkk go trump." It was posted on Snapchat on Saturday night:

The university was made aware of the photo on Monday night during the Kansas men's basketball game against UAB, and the four students involved in the photo will not be allowed to perform again until an "inquiry" takes place:

The female cheerleader, Lili Gagin, sent out a tweet on Monday night distancing herself from the photo sent out on her Snapchat account. She claims she is not responsible for sending it out. "I’m appalled that a snapchat was put out on my snapchat and posted to my account," she said. "I would never [have] done that & I apologize that it happened." Gagin has since made her Twitter account private.

Kansas school officials have said it could take another week to figure out exactly what happened. In the meantime, the cheerleaders will be stuck on the sidelines and won't be able to cheer for Kansas.