Jeremy Lin was expected to miss about two weeks when he suffered a strained left hamstring at the start of November, but his recovery has taken longer than expected. Though he remains on the bench for the Nets while they struggle mightily, Lin is doing his best to be a productive contributor.

He has wielded a clipboard during games and has been taking notes for his coaches to review. The New York Times says during games Lin, who studied economics at Harvard, will “chart a self-styled version of offensive-efficiency statistics.”

“Linology,” said first-year Nets head coach Kenny Atkinson, who has been tasked with rebuilding a mess of a franchise decimated by past management failures. “It’s beautiful. It’s his way of showing he cares. He asked me if he could do it, and I said, ‘Yeah, sure.’ And he just does it, and he hands it to me after every game, and then I hand it to—you know, I’m not exactly sure where it goes.”

Aww. We hope someone is looking at Lin’s notes.

The offensive efficiency statistics he’s charting cannot be too pretty. The Nets are 4-11, No. 21 in offensive efficiency, and are averaging the fourth-most turnovers per game in the NBA. They are averaging 108.47 points per game, though, which puts them in the top half of the league at No. 13.

The Nets fell by 21 to the struggling Pacers Friday. Their numbers would almost certainly be prettier if they had their starting point guard back at full health. For Brooklyn, Lin cannot get back on the court soon enough.

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