The American presidential election season is long. Most of us already made our minds up months ago, yet we still had to slog through the muck of political attack ads, debates, leaked video, leaked emails, and other relentless embarrassments to our country. When it comes to Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump—what is it we don't yet know? Hill dog has a mountain of shady emails and a history of taking money from Wall Street interests. The Donald thinks Mexican-American judges are racist against him, wants to slow members of the world's No. 2 most popular religion from entering the country, and grabs women by the gato. What's left to learn?

Well, on top of being a billionaire with a enigmatic hair style and (tiny?) hair-trigger twitter fingers, Donald Trump is apparently only a few decades removed from being a pretty decent baseball player. How decent? THE BEST BASEBALL PLAYER IN NEW YORK, apparently. Find out more below.