Donald Sterling, the former Los Angeles Clippers owner who was permanently banned from the NBA is 2014, has reportedly settled \ his lawsuit against the league, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Sterling was banned after the revelation of troubling and offensive comments he had made about black people. He pledged to sue the NBA for the rest of his life after his wife, Shelly Sterling, agreed to sell his team to Steve Ballmer for $2 billion. Instead, the legal battle took 2.5 years and ended quietly.

Sterling's attorney Bobby Samini confirmed to the Times that the case had been settled.

“Donald is pleased with the outcome and is looking forward to focusing on future endeavors,” Samini wrote in an email.

In the lawsuit, Sterling alleged there was a conspiracy to remove him as the Clippers' owner—a position he occupied for 33 years. He sought more than $1 billion in damages, and the list of defendants included current NBA commissioner Adam Silver and former commissioner David Stern.

"We are pleased that Mr. Sterling has dropped his lawsuit and that this matter is now over," an NBA spokesman told The Times.

Shelly Sterling's attorney said Sterling's lawsuit was "doomed."

“Donald’s quixotic legal challenge to the record-shattering $2-billion sale was doomed from the very outset,” O’Donnell wrote to The Times.

The only remaining Sterling/NBA related lawsuits come from two law firms that allege Sterling owes them more than $271,000 for their work on the 2014 trial that cleared the way for the Clippers to be sold. In other words, good news—this should be the last NBA fans hear of Sterling for a long time.