Hockey analyst, Don Cherry, has become a staple in Canadian media. The former NHL coach has appeared on TV screens for decades now, offering his opinion on the game we love, and on anything else that he sees fit. While the 82-year-old shares an admirable and undeniable love for his country, the Kingston native has frequently spouted some pretty backwards rhetoric. Famously right-wing, Cherry endorsed former Toronto mayor, Rob Ford, and has forever been accused of xenophobic views regarding NHL players.

The host usually waits to share his opinion until his segment on Hockey Night In Canada, but today, Cherry activated his Twitter fingers. This time, the personality attacked American stars who plan to move to Canada in response of a Donald Trump presidency. To put it lightly, the hockey icon isn't a big fan of that possibility, calling out so-called "left-wing kooks", and telling anyone thinking of moving to Canada, to back off. You can read his rant below.