New York Knicks star point guard Derrick Rose has no plans to sell his Trump condominium in downtown Chicago following the results of this year's presidential election. Even as three NBA teams have reportedly taken a stance against the president-elect by deciding to no longer stay in Trump hotels during road games this season, Rose doesn't want to feel pressured into parting ways with the $2.8 million, three-bedroom, four-bathroom condo he bought in 2012. 

“With everything that is going on around his name and the controversy going on around his name, I get it,’’ Rose told the New York Post. “I bought my place well before he became (a presidential) candidate. And I felt like nobody could tell me to sell my property. But I understand the teams’ side as far as not wanting to associate themselves with that name. I understand, but my situation is a little bit different.’’ After getting traded to the Knicks in June, the 2011 NBA MVP opted to keep the condominium over selling it because the market "isn’t good." 

Even though the condo remains mostly unoccupied now that he stays at his new place in Manhattan, D-Rose still sees the positives in its location, and the possibility of having his family stay there for years to come. While he won't entirely rule out selling it in the future, Rose doesn't want to feel "forced" into making a decision. “Who knows, in a year or two, it may triple the price," he said. "I’m not selling it because I don’t want to feel I’m being forced to. It’s an investment.’’

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