You know the axiom from the ancient Chinese philosopher Confucius that goes, "Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life?" The Lakers have adopted that mantra and have applied it to playing basketball because, well, why wouldn't someone love playing a sport professionally and making more than 90 percent of the working population?

This year's Lakers have some inspiration from their elder statesman Metta World Peace as well, who yells "I love basketball" whenever he shoots free throws like you'll notice him blurt out in the clip above.

Now the Lakers are breaking team huddles yelling "I love basketball." Their point guard D'Angelo Russell explained following their 117-97 win over the Warriors on Friday night that it's a mindset to foster the "fun" culture that Lakers head coach Luke Walton wants for the team to embrace.

During a post-game interview in the video below, Russell explained how the team's dynamic has changed, and at the 4:10 min mark he detailed how those "I love basketball" chants from the team that helps them build their camaraderie.


Russell stated about how the Lakers celebrated their win the locker room. "There were a lot of 'I love basketball' chants," said Russell, who scored 17 points and had four assists in the win over the Dubs. He added, "That's been real good for us.  There were a lot of smiles. It was a great win for Luke and the coaching staff. It was a great win for us, we just got to build on it."

With love, anything is possible, and anything is better than how the Lakers played last season.

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