All locations for marriage proposals are forever etched in the memories of married couples. It's even more romantic when nostalgia dictates where one should propose to their significant other at the exact setting where both lovers began their courtship.

Cubs fans Lindsay Fuhs and Chris Lenard are a joyous couple because their team accomplished the unthinkable in Game 7 of the World Series, and Lenard asked her to marry him when Fuhs held the Commissioner's Trophy in front of Wrigley Field's emblematic wall-covered ivy. 

Fuhs has more than enough memories at Wrigley Field as her second home in Chicago because she worked there as an usher during her teenage years. Also, her father worked for almost 40 years as a groundskeeper at the ballpark. But this one is the greatest for witnessing the Cubs finally win it all after 108 years, and for Lenard winning her heart forever when he got down on one knee as cameras rolled.

Most importantly, she said yes. If she didn't well, it would be the biggest blunder at Wrigley Field since Steve Bartman was scapegoated (pun intended) for the Cubs losing in the 2004 NLCS.

Lenard explained in a Reddit post about popping the question to Fuhs at Wrigley Field:

Wrigley Field is where we first started dating. Her dad has been working for the Cubs for 38 years and she worked as an usher at Wrigley for two years in high school. Together, we have many memories at Wrigley. I knew it was time when I heard we were going on the field to see the trophy. Here's to the next 108 years!

And here's to the MLB's lovable losers who are creating more love connections for the rest of their fans mortal lives. Hopefully they can see the Cubs win another World Series, or at least get there again, before they die.

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