For every Chicago Cubs fan who suffered through years of pain before finally feeling the baseball fan's ultimate joy, there were many more who passed before the Cubs claimed their first World Series title in 108 years Wednesday night.

It looked like Darel Sterner, an 85-year-old lifelong Cubs fan, would miss seeing his beloved team claim the title. Sterner held on just long enough, though. The Des Moines Register has the story.

During Game 7, Sterner's family surrounded him in hospice and whispered updates in his ear. Three hours after the game, Sterner died. "They believe he is in heaven celebrating," according to the Register.

"They won," his son said in his dying father's ear. "The Cubs won the World Series!"

— Des Moines Register (@DMRegister) November 4, 2016

Sterner ran a barber shop for 61 years, and he was well-known in town. The Cubs were a frequent topic of conversation in his barber shop; he even kept a banner on its walls.

“He was an ornery cuss. He played pranks on everybody that came in there,” said his son, Durk. “The stories that came in and out of that place—a lot of ’em we’ll never hear.”

The family became Cubs fans as Sterner took them to games in Chicago throughout the years. He was a big fan of this year's team, particularly Ben Zobrist.

Sterner's children and his wife of 62 years, Donna, were there with him for his final game Wednesday. Hospice workers told the family Sterner's hearing was the last thing to go, so he heard their messages.

"They won," Durk said in his ear. "The Cubs won the World Series!"

What a way to go out, and what a special moment for their family. Please keep the heartwarming Cubs fan stories coming.