Carson Palmer just has really bad luck with bets, especially with the Arizona Cardinals' weekly Bucket Challenge. Before the Cardinals' home game against the 49ers on Sunday, Palmer lost yet another team Bucket Challenge. Since it was the election week, Palmer had to rock an American flag leotard.

The funny thing about the team's Bucket Challenge is that Palmer set the rules after he was traded from the Raiders to the Cardinals in 2013. For those unfamiliar with what the Bucket Challenge is, it's a garbage can that is set up in either the back left or right corner of the end zone so for players to improve on throwing goal-line fades. ESPN's Drew Stanton detailed it back in January: "In its current rendition, the quarterbacks use a sudden-death format," Stanton explained. "A pass in the can earns five points. A pass that hits the can gets one. They keep throwing until 'you’re the last one out.'"

Just look at what Palmer has had to rock as a result of losing the bet. Absolutely hilarious.