With their 28-7 loss to the Baltimore Ravens on Thursday night, the Cleveland Browns, who are 0-10 this season, are one step closer to becoming the second team in NFL history, joining the 2008 Detroit Lions, to finish the year with an 0-16 record.

While this type of, um, accomplishment is something that should never be mentioned, or even acknowledged, one Browns fan named Chris McNeil claims to have submitted a permit request to actually hold a parade celebrating the lowest moment in the franchise's history. 

There is also a Facebook group for the "Browns Perfect Season Parade (0-16)," which has 2,300 people planning to attend with another 4,700 individuals interested. The initiative is getting some pretty innovative parade shirt submissions. 

Maybe this is wrong to say, but we're kinda rooting for an 0-16 finish for the Browns just to get our hands on one of these shirts. And, of course, a Browns Perfect Season parade would not be complete with the "THIS IS THE GPODAWUND" banner! 

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