USC wideout/corner Adoree Jackson is one of the best athletes in the country, but he’s flown somewhat under the radar this year because of big-name Heisman contenders like Lamar Jackson, Deshaun Watson, and J.T. Barrett. Not anymore.

Jackson had a monster game in USC’s 45-27 win over Notre Dame Saturday. Jackson scored on a 55-yard punt return, 52-yard swing pass, and a 97-yard kick return. (At that point, why are you letting this guy get the ball, Notre Dame?) The kick return featured one of the wildest hurdles you’ll see on a football field.

At the end of the run-back, Jackson struck the Heisman pose. Certainly, if he wasn’t in contention for the hallowed award before Saturday, he is now.

Jackson’s big day came while another Jackson, Lamar Jackson of Louisville, struggled. Lamar Jackson also struck the Heisman pose after a touchdown, but his Cardinals were upset by Kentucky.

A number of fans thought Lamar Jackson was a sure thing early in the year, but his recent struggles have cast doubt around his candidacy.

We’ll find out who wins the award Dec. 10.

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