Joakim Noah has a disgusting-looking jumper. This is not news. His jump shot has been gross dating back to his days with the Florida Gators.

Last night, at the Boston Celtics-New York Knicks game, a young Celtics fan in a Larry Bird shirt put Noah on blast for said ugly jumper. The fan, seated in the lower level of TD Garden, pantomimed Noah's thrust-from-the-chest form. 

Noah spotted the mockery and chirped right back. The two shared a hilarious exchange.

The Knicks won the game 121-96. Noah had only 2 points and was 0 for 2 from the field in 14 minutes of action.

Noah signed with the Knicks this offseason after spending the first nine years of his career with the Chicago Bulls. The two-time All-Star and one-time NBA Defensive Player of the Year fell out of Chicago's good graces—partially due to injuries—near the end of his run in the Windy City.

He is expected to start at center and provide frontcourt depth for the Knicks, alongside Kristaps Porzingis and Carmelo Anthony. Don't expect his jumper to get any prettier, though. He's stuck with that form, and probably with 12-year-olds mocking him, for the rest of his career.