Scottie Pippen is a bachelor again as of last week. So, the Cubs winning Game 6 of the NLCS to clinch their first World Series berth in 71 years Saturday night at Wrigley Field is the perfect time and place for Pippen to begin a night out and mingle in the city where he's a god.  

The six-time NBA world champion was on hand to root for the Cubbies, and he was like most of the fans to witness this historic moment for the first time in their lives.

But the worst part of the evening at Wrigley was when the Bulls legend led Cubs fans in singing the American baseball anthem "Take Me Out To The Ball Game." 

The Hall of Famer seemingly didn't know the lyrics to the song, instead grunting his way through most of it. It sounded like he was drunk, and no one took the mic from him as he bellowed the worst rendition of the song ever heard because, well, he's Scottie Pippen. 

Hey, we all do the whole muttering thing to mask the fact we really don't know the words to the song. But if you have no clue about the song's lyrics, maybe just admit that you don't know them before you attempt to sing them in front of more than 41,000 people.