Broncos defensive coordinator Wade Phillips was involved in a really scary collision during Denver’s game against the Chargers at Sports Authority Field at Mile High Stadium on Sunday afternoon. During the second quarter, Chargers player Melvin Gordon ran out of bounds and accidentally collided with Phillips as he was standing on the sideline. Phillips flew backwards after the collision and appeared to hit his head on the ground:

Phillips was immediately attended to by a handful of trainers, and while it was difficult to see him in the middle of the scrum, the analysts for the game pointed out that it looked like he was moving his extremities, which is always a good sign whenever a collision like this takes place during a football game. Phillips was eventually carted off the field and signaled to the crowd as he made his way back to the locker room:

Phillips was later taken to a local hospital for evaluation:

Those in the NFL community are sending their thoughts and prayers to Phillips at this time:

Let’s hope Phillips is okay and back on the sideline in no time.

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