Over the last few days, there have been a lot of athletes who have spoken out against Donald Trump and the "locker room talk" defense he used last week after a 2005 recording of him making inappropriate comments about women was released. Jamal Crawford, Blake Griffin, and others have made it clear that Trump’s comments are not a reflection of the way athletes talk in the locker room.

On Wednesday morning, Tom Brady—a longtime Trump supporter—was asked to provide his opinion on the situation. A reporter waited until the end of his press conference to ask him about Trump, but he came right out and asked Brady to respond to the "locker room talk" defense he tried to use. Brady’s response? Well, let’s just say it was a good thing the press conference was pretty much over. Because he said, "Thank you, guys, have a good day" before making a beeline for the exit.

Brady may have successfully sidestepped the Trump question here, but he was very vocal about his support for Trump at the beginning of his presidential run so it’s going to be impossible for Brady to sit back and say nothing now. Or is it? Like Bill Belichick, Brady has gotten pretty good at taking control of his press conferences and refusing to talk about anything that he doesn’t want to talk about. So maybe Brady will get away with ignoring Trump-related questions. But regardless of what he wants to happen, it’s clear that reporters aren’t going to stop asking him about Trump anytime soon.