Stephen Curry Lost His Cool, Shoved Brandon Knight to the Ground

Stephen Curry's competitiveness boiled over again today. In the second quarter, with Golden State down 38-31, Stephen Curry got into it with Brandon Knight.

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Stephen Curry seems like a good person who, like most elite athletes, is also ultra-competitive. We've seen Curry's ultra-competitiveness boil over before, in this past year's riveting NBA Finals (remember the mouthguard?) The Warriors were up 3-1, but blew their lead to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Today, in the Warriors' 106-100 win against the Phoenix Suns, Curry's competitiveness boiled over yet again. In the second quarter, with Golden State down 38-31, Curry got into it with Brandon Knight.

Curry came off a down screen and shot-faked a three, drawing Knight in the air. Knight landed and attempted to block Curry's shot—which still went in, by the way—from behind.

There appeared to be some contact when Knight landed—perhaps he landed on Curry's legs—and Curry took exception to it. As Knight sprinted down the sideline on offense, Curry got up off the ground, stopped Knight, and gave him a shove. Knight fell over. There was definitely a shove, but Knight seemed to embellish a bit.

Curry was charged with a common foul.

Curry had 28 points on 9-of-17 shooting, and Kevin Durant added 37. After that rough season-opening loss to the Spurs, the Warriors have won two straight, improving to 2-1.

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