If you're starting to think these things are staged at this point, you're not alone. How do these Lyft riders not know that they're driving around with famous athletes in terrible disguises?!

But regardless of your feelings for whether or not these "undercover" Lyft videos are indeed authentic, they're still pretty entertaining. And Rob Gronkowski was the latest pro athlete to get in the driver's seat for the transportation company, busing around a bunch of Foxborough, Massachusetts residents who were seemingly oblivious to the identity of their 6-foot-6, 265-pound chauffeur thanks to a pair of sunglasses, a slightly altered voice (that went away very quickly), some wigs, a hat, and...well, that's it.

Fine, we can play along.

Just a few weeks ago, we were hearing about how Gronk was getting yelled at by angry grocery store shoppers for screwing up their fantasy teams. But now, we realize that all you need to go incognito in New England is a D+ Halloween costume. In fact, even a guy who claimed to have previously met Gronkowski was unaware of the fact that freakin' Gronk was driving him around.

Again, if you ever get a ride from a guy (or girl) who keeps circling back to the same person/subject, maybe take a little bit of a closer look. No Lyft driver is going to continuously bring up Gronk or Shaq or Big Papi or Jerry Rice or Richard Sherman—unless, of course, they are Gronk or Shaq or Big Papi or Jerry Rice or Richard Sherman.

Still, these are good promos and they're just another nail in the coffin of the taxi industry. Check out Gronk's undercover ride along, which featured him talking about how much he loves everything from astrophysics to Tom Brady, in the clip above.