Ryan Lochte may be back on American soil, but Rio isn't done with him just yet. A judge recently denied the Olympic swimmer's request to dismiss his fake robbery case, in which he filed a false police report alleging he and members from the U.S. swim team were robbed at gunpoint after a night out partying.

The Rio judge not only denied the request, but moved Lochte's case up to a higher court to the public Ministry of Justice, according to TMZ. The Ministry will now begin to determine how large of a fine they will slap the 12-time Olympic medalist with. The court is reportedly looking to serve Lochte with a fine north of the $11K, which would be more than Lochte teammate's Jimmy Feigen was given. 

In addition to the fine, Lochte has already been penalized by the United States Olympic Committee. The organization in conjunction with USA Swimming put Lochte on a 10-month suspension, banning him from competing in future competitions for the time being. He was also dropped from a number of endorsements deals including Ralph Lauren. 

While life after Rio hasn't been all triumphs, there has been a bit of good news for Lochte as the swimmer recently advanced to the seventh round of Dancing with the Stars. Winners of the dance competition are reportedly awarded with some sort of monetary prize. Should Lochte nab the victory he could put it towards his fine.