Before Sunday's 49ers-Bills game at New Era Field in Buffalo, New York, Colin Kaepernick did his pre-game kneel to protest the National Anthem. Plenty of Buffalo fans are not pleased by Kaepernick, and even sold incendiary t-shirts that ridiculed him before the game's kickoff.

Kaepernick was the 49ers' starting quarterback for the game (his first of the season) and his two teammates Eli Harold and Eric Reid knelt by him on Kaepernick's right and left side during the Star Spangled Banner. But as they knelt on their team's sidelines, a few police officers stood near the three National Anthem protesters, including one officer who stood directly behind Kaepernick and saluted the American flag as cameras took their shots of Kaepernick decisively not honoring it.

This cop was obviously looking for his 15 minutes of fame. And Twitter made sure to call him out on it:

The 49ers got destroyed by the Bills, and the final score was 45-16. The Niners now have a record of 1-5, and the Bills are 4-2.

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