Toronto Raptors forward Patrick Patterson is an abnormally large man. At 6'9", he certainly has the stature of an NBA player. Also, he's a black guy with a beard. 

A woman mistook Patterson for LeBron James on Friday at a Chipotle in Cleveland, where the Raptors played (and won) Thursday night. Patterson documented his response in a series of hilarious Snapchats after the awkward encounter.



Patterson said while he was waiting in line, he heard other people in the restaurant mumbling about him. "I finally get to the end of the line, and this woman goes like, 'Are you LeBron James?'"

When Patterson told the woman he wasn't in fact LeBron, another girl chimed in and said, "I told you so. He's too skinny, he's too small to be LeBron." Patterson weighs 236 pounds, and LeBron is listed at 249.

Patterson's last Snapchat is perhaps the most hilarious (his use of filters adds to the humor, for sure). "I mean, I ain't think I was that skinny," he said. "I work out a little bit. I'm taller than your average Joe, but s***, the disrespect."

It's certainly a stretch of a comparison.



Poor Patrick Patterson. We feel for you, man. But thank you for this comedic gold.

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