Have you ever wondered what NFL referees talk about when they’re standing around on the football field during timeouts? The NFL would probably want you to believe that they talk about getting each and every call right during any given game. But in the middle of the Bills/Patriots game on Sunday afternoon, NFL referee Pete Morelli accidentally left his microphone on during a timeout—and what he said could potentially get him into some trouble with the league office.

According to those who were at the game, Morelli was caught cursing and discussing the idea of a big hit potentially changing the course of the game while speaking with another official during the Bills’ 16-0 win against the Patriots:

Fortunately, Morelli’s words weren’t broadcast to those watching the game at home because it hadn’t come back from a commercial break yet. But there’s a good chance that Morelli will still face disciplinary action from the NFL this week as a result of his hot mic moment. It was part of a tough all-around day for the veteran referee. In addition to getting caught cursing, Morelli also made a penalty call while facing the wrong direction:

Not Morelli’s finest moments.