Years active in WWE: 1988-1989, 1991-1999
Manager: Jim Cornette, Mr. Fuji
Finishing move: Sharpshooter
Best heel moment: Nearly ending Shawn Michaels’s career

Today, fans discuss Owen Hart in hushed tones. And it’s no wonder; his falling to his death during a pay-per-view event is still one of the biggest tragedies to ever befall the WWE. But unfortunately, that also overshadows what a fantastic heel he was. He played the spoiled, whiny, “dirty rotten stinking brother” of Bret Hart to utter perfection. His crowning moment, however, came from nearly ending Shawn Michael’s career with a brutal kick to the head. Shawn collapsed in the ring, and he did it so convincingly that none of the fans knew whether it was a work or a shoot (it was a work). Owen bragged about it for months to come, even receiving a Slammy Award for his dastardly deed.