Years active in WWE: 1999-2004, 2012-Present
Manager: Trish Stratus
Finishing move: Train Wreck
Best heel moment: Beating up Stephanie McMahon 

Albert, aka A-Train, aka Lord Tensai, could never catch a break in WWE. He was always cast in the role of enforcer—big muscle guy that backed up a smaller guy—but was never able to break out on his own. Still, Albert was frightening. He had the multiple facial piercings, combined with a penchant for roaring at the top of his lungs whenever he performed a power move. Today, Albert is retired from in-ring competition, but he still serves as a head trainer for NXT, where he is credited for turning the WWE’s program into the well-oiled machine we see today. He was a massive bully in the ring, but he’s an incredible teacher outside of it.