The Blue Jays avoided the broom tonight to stay alive in the ALCS as they beat the Indians 5-1 at home in Toronto. The series is now 3-1, and the rally may have a little something to do with Lil B

The omnipotent Based God, known for blessing his postulants and cursing his detractors, was asked by Toronto city councillor Norm Kelly on Monday night to bless the Jays so that they would survive another day in the MLB playoffs. He tweeted this to the altar of Lil B:

...and the morning after, Lil B cast his sorcery on the Jays to win Game 4 with this tweet.

Of course, Norm was ecstatic in his reaction to the Based God adorning the Jays.

Then after the game Tuesday night, Kelly sent another tweet to the powers that be:

You can't make this stuff up. The Blue Jays and Indians continue the series this Wednesday for Game 5 in Toronto. Let's see if the Jays come back to win the series, and determine if this Based God Curse resonates beyond the NBA.