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When Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green, and Steve Kerr met with Kevin Durant this summer in the Hamptons to try and lure him away from the Oklahoma City Thunder, the Golden State Warriors contingency wanted to make it clear that nothing comes before championships. Even after their meeting, Curry sent Durant text messages, stressing that winning as many titles as possible is more important than any personal accolades, accomplishments, etc. 

Per The Undefeated

According to a person who saw the text messages, Curry told Durant in a text message that he could care less about who is the face of the franchise, who gets the most recognition or who sells the most shoes (Curry is with Under Armor, Durant with Nike) The two-time NBA MVP also told Durant that if Durant won the MVP award again he would be in the front row of the press conference clapping for him. 

In his interview on The Lowe Post Show podcast, Kerr shared a story from their meeting, revealing to ESPN's Zach Lowe that as Curry pointed out, how joining forces would be "good" for their respective sneaker brands, Nike and Under Armour, Thompson interjected, wondering if it would also be good for his brand, ANTA. 

“[Steph and KD] started talking about shoes and I think Steph made the point that to Kevin like, ‘hey, you know, the Under Armour/Nike thing makes no difference, you know, if we’re on the same team it’s good for Nike and it’s good for Under Armour.’ And Klay, you know, rarely says anything but when he does it’s always funny. He jumps in and he says, ‘Is it good for ANTA?’ That’s Chinese shoe company that he uses. And everybody got a good kick out of that.”

Poor Klay. Everyone thought it was a joke, but he was probably legitimately thinking about this. So, we'll do the honors. Yes, Thompson, the ANTA KT2 shoes are going to be flying off the shelf now. 

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