On Wednesday night, Kevin Durant took a few moments to eat nachos with a young fan at a Warriors' open practice:


Khalil & Kevin Durant chop it up over nachos #DubbNation #klaywiththesteal #Warriors

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It was a cool moment, and there's a good chance that that kid will never forget it. So afterwards, there were a bunch of glowing write-ups about the interaction. Most featured bloggers praising KD for making the kid's life.

J.R. Smith must have seen a few of those write-ups, though, because he appeared to send out a tweet—or rather, a subtweet—about them Thursday morning that featured him comparing the interaction that KD had to the one he had with a fan last October. J.R. bought a kid some cotton candy during a preseason game and, like KD, gave the kid a moment he'll cherish forever.

But in his tweet, J.R. said he received a much different reaction. He claimed the NBA was "ready to fine [and] suspend" him for what he did, and he made it seem as though he received a negative reaction to buying the kid cotton candy:

But it's kind of unclear what J.R. was upset about here. There were some people who reacted to him buying a kid cotton candy mid-game by saying, "Did he really just do that?" But this was the more common reaction:

Maybe the NBA really did tell him that he would be fined or suspended if he bought a kid cotton candy again (we doubt it—but who knows?), which is why J.R. is mad. Or maybe he's just mad because the Cavaliers still haven't signed him, despite LeBron James' pleas. Whatever the case, we're getting tired of covering J.R. for non-basketball reasons. So can we please just get this guy back on the court?