Before the No. 2-ranked Michigan Wolverines (7-0) annihilated Illinois (2-5) on Saturday 41-8, Wolverines head coach Jim Harbaugh was at it again with one of his humorous antics before the game's kickoff. He was in a press conference on Michigan's campus where he answered a question about his new look wearing glasses.

In the clip above, Harbaugh that he wears glasses "full-time" now after a recent visit optometry appointment that diagnosed him with vision that has decreased from the normal 20-20 standard. So to adopt his new look, Harbaugh said that wearing the glasses is a tribute to three historic figures (well, let's say just two, being that one is just a fictional character): legendary Ohio State football head coach Woody Hayes, Michael Douglas' playing "William Foster" in the 1993 film Falling Down (you know, the flick that featured a Los Angeles traffic jam which inspired the memorable 90s R.E.M. video "Everybody Hurts"?), and Malcolm X.

The people in the room laughed when Harbaugh mentioned Hayes and Douglas, but the laughs noticeably ceased once he mentioned Malcolm X, the controversial 1960s civil rights leader.

Paying homage to Hayes' signature look may understandably piss some diehard Wolverines fans off regarding Harbaugh saying that his new style is a "tip of the cap" to an icon that represents Ohio State, the school's biggest rival.

As for Harbaugh showing respect to Michael Douglas playing "William Foster"—a divorced, unemployed former defense engineer who had a mental breakdown and terrorized people in L.A. because he had a really bad day—I guess there may be some correlation there with Harbaugh's epic meltdowns on the sidelines at referees during Michigan's games. Let's just hope he doesn't delve too deep into the William Foster character and actually murder a ref.

Lastly, perhaps he can relate to Brother Malcolm being that Harbaugh is a Michigan coach and Malcolm had a former nickname "Detroit Red" before he joined the Nation of Islam during the 1950s. I'm sure that President Lyndon B. Johnson would be offended and rolling in his grave from Harbaugh's snub for his homage.

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