On Thursday afternoon, an RV caught fire during rush hour in San Francisco and forced hundreds of cars to sit in long lines of traffic on U.S. Highway 101. The fire started after rockets from a rocket hobby show exploded inside of the RV, and it turned one of California's busiest highways into a parking lot for several hours:

During the traffic jam, an NBC Bay Area helicopter floated over miles and miles of backed-up vehicles to survey the scene. The TV station captured videos of people doing all sorts of things to pass the time, but the best clip featured a guy who chose to use the traffic jam as an opportunity to work on something so many of us need to work on—ballhandling skills. He popped his trunk, took out his basketball, and got busy right there in the middle of the highway:

Ball. Is. Life.

There are a number of other things you could do while you wait out a traffic jam, but why would you want to do anything other than perfect your game?