Here's some National Anthem "news" that doesn't have to do with who took a knee, where they took a knee, and who went on some stupid cable news show to speak out against them taking a knee. Instead it's about a multi-talented singer, named Joe Everson, who performed the Anthem on Saturday night prior to the *looks it up* Toledo Walleye-Branton Beast game in some league most (if not all) of us have never heard of called the ECHL.

As you can see, not only can this mystery man Joe Everson can belt out the Star-Spangled Banner fairly decently, but he can also do it while painting this iconic moment from the Battle of Iwo Jima upside down. This is the type of skill that probably has no other real practical application in life now that Stupid Human Tricks was retired along with Dave Letterman, but at least this guy found a use for it. It's good not to waste your talents.

Anyway this would seem to be right up the alley of mid-level hockey promotions, and as you can see, it seemed to please the fans. If they're happy who are we to complain?

The final product was pretty damn good too.