And the award for the worst sports fan of the day, er, week, er, month, er, year (?) goes to…whoever is behind the President Obama mask in the photo above.

On Saturday night, a fan showed up to the Nebraska/Wisconsin football game at Camp Randall Stadium in Madison, Wisconsin wearing an Obama mask and a noose around his neck. It didn’t take long for someone to take a photo of him and post it to Twitter. And obviously, there were a lot of people, like sportswriter Julie DiCaro, who were understandably outraged over it:

Somewhat amazingly, the University of Wisconsin-Madison Police initially chimed in and made it seem as though there was nothing they could do about the fan’s costume:

But in a tweet sent out a short time later in response to another tweet DiCaro sent, the UW-Madison Police said that Guest Services at Camp Randall asked the fan to remove the noose:

And it looks like the fan and his friend may have been removed from the stadium altogether once word about the costume started to spread:


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